Biker Hell

Okay, so here is a rant I have.  Was up at the Rose Garden today playing with the kids at the huge playground up there on the hill.  Went to leave, and when crossing the street (having looked for cars, and using the crosswalk) a line of people on bikes came shooting by.  One of my children was ahead of me and ran for the Odyssey, one was in the middle of the road, and the littlest was with me, just entering the road.  Well, the cool urban bike warriors, adorned in their Tour de France uniforms, were pissed they had to stop.  You could see it on their adult faces, looking at me and the kids.  I knew they had been rolling down the hill, at a good speed, and there we ended up being, dreaded pedestrians in the way of all that speedy decent.  Three of them were looking at us, and we were looking at them, some sort of odd standoff, and I said: “Hello…we’re standing here, frozen, no one is moving, please proceed?”  And so they did, weaving in and out of us, and one of them said, shaking her head: “You know, it would help if you..,” but then she just trailed off and whizzed by.  I wanted to bark at her: “It would help if we did what??  Frickin elevate ourselves with magic powers so as to not be in your way?”

Hey, Portland Bike riders with uber-elitist attitudes…I have a problem with you!  When automobiles mess with bikers, you all cry foul and liken yourselves to pedestrians, and scream how you get “right of way.”  But when the bikers come across walking-folks, like us today, you scream right of way, again.  YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. 

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